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We are pleased to offer the steamship "Indiana" for sale to accompany the "Niagara"

Luxor Marine Services is the only agent in Luxor offering a service for buyers and sellers of motor boats, feluccas, Dahabiya, and cruise ships as well as antique steam ships. If you are looking for a boat, our team will locate or build it for you with full project management. If you are selling a boat we will secure the best terms possible for you. For chartering a boat for any size of party, just tell us what you want and when you want it. Contact us by email or call in our office in the Marhaba Souk close to Luxor Temple and the Winter Palace Hotel.

Contact: email on:- info@LMS-Egypt com

The information on this site is given in good faith but total accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Obtaining accurate information for very old boats that have changed their names several times is not easy and we undertake constant diligent research to ascertain the provenance of each boat.

This site was updated on 6th June 2011